Agricultural Consulting Division

Full Farm Protocol

We offer a wide array of value-added services and products that cover your entire farm operation, all aimed at nourishing the soil and producing high yield crops. We employ UAVs – drones – to scout your fields, combined with our state-of-the art satellite crop monitoring system to proactively identify trouble spots before they become visible to the naked eye, and regularly update you on the health and progress of your crops.

We custom formulate dry and liquid fertilizers for each specific crop, and for different soil types. We supply you with weather data to help you make well informed decisions about seeding, spraying and other field operations.

Our soil testing service assesses the health of the soil in your fields, identifying different zones based on criteria such as clay or sand content, biomass, existing nutrient levels or salinity. This information is validated to make it easier for you to apply for carbon credits through our project, which is registered and approved on the GHG CleanProjects registry. We offer carbon credits to growers using our customized protocols for soil carbon sequestration, reducing their agricultural land’s carbon footprint and rewarding them for adopting sustainable farming practices.