Liquid Protocols


Starting with seed treatment, we input intelligence to your seed by giving it the Smart boost it needs to stay healthy and grow strong!!! At seeding time, our protocol includes our proprietary formulation formulated to improve compound fertilizer uptake efficiency.

During burn-off pass, we activate the crops transport system with bio-available Boron and our growth guidance technology. This will help kick start the plant’s nutrient absorption process.

We have growers follow up with tissue sampling to ensure that the crop has what it needs prior to and at the reproductive stage of the crops growth cycle. Our aim is to ensure that there is always a balance in the nutrient co-factors and plant hormones at every stage to maximize the plants genetic potential.

Our drone scouting service gives our growers a birds eye view of the crop. With our 4-in-1 drone cameras, we proactively look out for crop stress and come up with a plan to mitigate against potential yield losses. We can even create a Variable Rate Map that is compatible with most equipment.


  • Working closely with Farmers and their agronomist to formulate Customized blends for their crops with a focus on soil health.
  • Different formulations are customized based on the crops need and prevailing environmental factors.
  • Drone scouting service.
  • No gelling of products in the spray tank or plugging of nozzles. Tank mixes easily.
  • Enhanced and uniform Seed germination.
  • Acceleration of roots and shoots development.
  • Improved nutrient utilization by crop.
  • Greater resistance to diseases like root rot, fusarium etc.
  • Reduced soil compaction and Increased productivity and ROI.


Different Crops have a unique pathway for achieving their maximum genetic yield potential. That’s why CAI Inc. has put in years analyzing soil test and tissue sample reports to better understand each crops’ unique blueprint for growth. From our learning’s, research and experience, we are now able to provide different crops with the right combination of nutrient(s) needed to compliment the deficiencies uncovered from the soil testing and tissue sample reports. This results in a balance of nutrients and plant hormone all through the crops growth cycle.

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Every soil and crop has different co-factor (Macro/Micro Nutrients) needs. We understand this so we work closely with farmers and their agronomist to decipher the correct combination of nutrients specific to their land & crops while taking into consideration prevailing environmental conditions. Together, we unlock each crops unique ‘blue print for growth’ specific to the farmers cropping needs with our scientifically proven systematic customized protocols.

For liquid Macro/Micro nutrients to be effective, the right prescription of nutrient(s) at the right timing has to be applied. That’s why we do not deal with the industry standard ‘broad spectrum formulations. At CAI Inc. One size doesn’t fit all !!!


  • A Customized formulation of starter N, P, K crop health therapy formulation.
  • Provides crop available N, P, K to the seedling just after germination for improved vigor.
  • Removes issues related to salty fertilizers.
  • Reduced corrosion on equipment.
  • Provides crop available phosphorus in its ortho form.
  • Balances the soil pH around the seedling which can help reduce the effects of soil pH related issues.

Contains effective/ Beneficial microorganism that:

  • Acts as a natural catalyst  to detoxify and enrich the soil.
  • Promotes photosynthesis and strengthens the vigor of plants
  • Improves the crop’s abilities to withstand drought, floods, and heat stress.
  • Increases soil temperature through microbial activity.

Application Rate: 10-16L/ac.

Application Timing: At seeding


Always carry out a Jar Test prior to mixing with any herbicides or Fungicides.
Nothing herein is to be constructed as recommending any practice or any product in violation of any law or regulation. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of any material for a specific purpose and to adopt such safety precautions as may be necessary.

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