AgroTech Division


The demand for environmentally friendly fuels are growing quickly, driven by consumers, and augmented by government incentives. Custom Ag Is entering the marketplace with its IP process that produces biofuels made from various oil-producing seeds, animal fat, biomass and waste oil collected from restaurants. Glycerin, a co-product can be sold to pharmaceutical companies, protein isolate, and concentrate can be used in human and animal applications, while the other by-products such as fatty acid meal, will be used as animal feed. Our process uses less water, and the wastewater is recycled within our close loop process.

Wastewater Recycling

Custom Ag offers an innovative closed loop process for wastewater treatment and water recycling that has a zero environmental footprint. The current practice is to store and treat wastewater in lagoons, which requires high amounts of biochemical inputs and oxygen to treat the water and bring it to a state where it will not damage the environment. This is not sustainable. With our solution the treated water is recycled to formulate liquid fertilizer, and is used to clean out the processing equipment. The sludge left over from processing is recycled into our aerobic fermentation tank to become a raw material used in composting. Finally, closing the loop, the biogas generated during the anaerobic process is purified to generate electricity which can power the entire facility.

Biochar & Carbon Black

Our waste recycling will use a heating process to convert organic waste into biochar, which Is a stable form of carbon that can be added to soil to improve its quality and.

Plastics and tire waste in the recycling stream will be converted to carbon black, which Is used as a pigment in manufacturing, and as a reinforcing agent in making new tins, belts, and hoses.