Laboratory Service Division

Soil/Tissue Testing

Our soil and tissue testing services provide you with a thorough chemical, physical and biological analysis of your fields, dividing them into sampling zones based on soil classifications. Our lab provides data such as clay, silt/sand content, organic matter, available plant elements, nutrient levels, and salinity. Our analyses provide you with the information you need to manage high or low-productivity zones in your fields.

In addition, our homogeneous compound fertilizer formulation for spring application solves the problem of different particle sizes in a fertilizer mix, replacing it a better solution; a single particle infused with our customized analysis of N, P, K, and S. Macronutrients are chelated with our binding agent, which can help improve absorption under the right conditions. The results include:

• less fertilizer required
• excellent crush strength, low dust content and easy handling

Benefits of Soil / Tissue Test Results

  • The results provided will allow the assessment of spore distribution to determine the risk spots across the fields.
  • Detection of pathogen infestations at the earlier stage will help reduce the severity and impact of the disease and minimize crop/ plant yield loss.
  • The feedback from the farmers (customers) on the questioner for the risk re-assessment checklist along with in-house weather forecast will be used to determine the disease risk.
  • Custom feedbacks with suggestions to include crop treatment based on the information gathered from the testing results and modelling results to prevent the spread of crop/plant disease.