Testing Kits

Test soil/tissue samples for the presence of pathogens for various disease to minimize the risk of future yield loss.

We provide a paramount soil testing platform that includes the identification and quantification of pathogens for various crop/plant diseases such as (Ascochyta blight, Black leg, Clubroot, Chocolate spot, Fusarium, Sclerotinia stem rot, Root rot, Verticillium stripe, White rust, White leaf spot, Grey stem, etc.).

Detection of pathogen infections at the early stage will help reduce the severity and impact of the diseases and minimize crop/plant yield loss.

We test soil and plant tissue to determine the pathogen level, provide the assessment of spore distribution and indicate the risk spots in your fields. In addition, we suggest whether to apply any treatment to your crop or implement proactive management strategies to prevent the spread of crop/plant diseases

Pathogen Testing Service

  • Our paramount testing platform includes the identification and quantification of pathogens for various diseases.
  • Our developed method identifies the exact spore count in very low levels (~100 – 500 spores/0.25 g) to high levels of pathogen infections in soil, root and crop tissues.
  • The advanced international set-up of real-time PCR (qPCR) generates high-quality data which is highly specific to individual pathogens.
  • We use custom primers and probes with improved purification and extraction methods, under specific guidelines to accomplish pathogen detection in rapid time.
  • Our quality control protocols include control samples, instrument blank and method blank to confirm no cross-contamination and eliminate non-specific/false results.
  • Our testing methods have been rigorously evaluated for detection limit, accuracy, precision, repeatability and reproducibility.

List of Pathogens Tested

Ascochyta blightFungal species of Ascochyta
Black legFungal species of Leptosphaeria
ClubrootFungal species of Plasmodiophora
Chocolate spotFungal species of Botrytis
Fusarium head blightFungal species of Fusarium
Sclerotinia stem rot (white mould)Fungal species of Sclerotinia
Root rotFungal species of Rhizoctonia, Pythium
Verticillium stripeFungal species of Verticillium
White leaf spot and grey stemFungal species of Mycosphaerella
White rust (stag head)Fungal species of Albugo